Mental Health Week Recap

This past week (February 5th-11th) was Children’s Mental Health Week! Mayo High School’s TOPS (Teens Offering Peer Support) room did a fantastic job of implementing fun and engaging activities during the school day. Mental health professionals were invited to speak about several topics, such as resilience, food, mindfulness, and mental illness, which were enlightening. Additionally, at Mayo High School, we turn any occasion into an excuse for dress-up days! Monday was pajama day to promote self-care, Tuesday was tie-dye day to brighten up the world, Wednesday was black-and-white day for suicide awareness, Thursday was thinking cap day to emphasize the power of your thoughts, and Friday was green out for community and awareness. Daily therapy dogs were extremely popular during lunch hours, as students found comfort in a furry friend’s warm presence. Several TOPS representatives were responsible for running lunchtime activities such as making sensory jars, knitting, painting, and more! As a passionate advocate for mental health and wellness, it’s amazing to see Mayo High School’s work to reduce the stigma around mental illness. Check out the TOPS Instagram for more details (@mayotopsroom), and keep an eye out for their plans regarding Mental Health Month in May!

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